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The Bar


The Bar “dazzling mystery, suspense, and escalating hysteria”

There are many good Spanish sci-fi movies out there. Among these, it is worth mentioning the Rec series of movies, which I highly recommend to any Resident Evil movie fan. Then, there are emotional fantasy and sci-fi Spanish movies like the ones directed by Guillermo del Torro (Pan’s Labyrinth – a beautiful masterpiece that should not be missed, or The Devil’s Backbone).

In the Spanish sci-fi movie The Bar, a mysterious and possibly infectious event is happening outside a Madrid bar. As a result, a group of random people is locked down in the bar. Then gradually the paranoia takes place and they turn on each other. Once again, Álex de la Iglesia is a master in depicting human relationships, building up tension and paranoia.

05Santa Sangre1989Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror
04Mutant Action1993Sci-Fi Moviescomedy
05The Day of the Beast1995Sci-Fi Moviescomedy
05Dagon2001Sci-Fi Movieshorror, mystery, underwater
08The Devil’s Backbone2001Sci-Fi Movieshorror, mystery
10Pan’s Labyrinth2006Fantasy Moviesdrama, grimdark, war horror
07The Dark Hour2006Sci-Fi Moviesaliens, horror
06Fermat’s Room2007Sci-Fi Moviesdrama, horror
06PROXIMA2007Sci-Fi Moviesaction
06Rec2007Sci-Fi Moviesfound footage, horror
06The Orphanage2007Sci-Fi Movieshorror
08Timecrimes2007Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, time travel
06Before The Fall2008Sci-Fi Moviesapocalypse, drama
07Rec 22009Sci-Fi Movieshorror
05Agnosia2010Sci-Fi Moviesdrama
05Extraterrestrial2011Sci-Fi Moviesalien invasion, aliens, comedy
07Game of Werewolves2012Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror
07Rec 3: Genesis2012Sci-Fi Movieshorror
05The Body2012Sci-Fi Moviesmystery
04The Cosmonaut2013Sci-Fi Moviesdrama
05The Last Days2013Sci-Fi Moviespost-apocalyptic
05Witching & Bitching2013Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror
05Automata2014Sci-Fi Moviescyberpunk, dystopian, robots/nanotech
07Rec 4: Apocalypse2014Sci-Fi Movieshorror, zombies
04Second Origin2015Sci-Fi Moviesaction, horror, post-apocalyptic
04Orbiter 92017Sci-Fi Moviesromance, space
08The Bar2017Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror
06The Passenger2021Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror
03Veneciafrenia2021Sci-Fi Movieshorror
05Pluton B.R.B. Nero2008Sci-Fi TV Showscomedy
0530 Coins2020Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, supernatural
04Paradise2021Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery
05The Platform2019Sci-Fi Moviesdrama, dystopian, horror
05Veronica2017Fantasy Movieshorror