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Mortal “a story of Norse superpowers in modern days”

Created by André Øvredal

In the last years, there were more and more great Norwegian movies and tv shows. Among these, we strongly recommend the tv show Ragnarok, or the movie Troll. Both make use of Norwegian scenery and mythology to create a mystique and captivating atmosphere. Mortal is another example of a successful Norwegian sci-fi film.

Mortal is a Norwegian fantasy & sci-fi movie by the director of Troll Hunter and The Autopsy of Jane Doe. The movie brings makes use of Norse elements in the present day. The action takes place in beautiful Norwegian scenery. At first look, the plot might sound simple. A common Norwegian man gradually gets superpowers. Yet, the execution is perfect. Once more the Norwegian director André Øvredal masterfully executes a perfect storyline. A beautifully immersive story with characters that feel real.

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