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IMMORTAL (Ad Vitam) “a French sci-fi gem that should not be missed”

By Enki Bilal

To be honest, I am disappointed with the French sci-fi productions from the last years. France has amazing potential, and I expect far better French sci-fi movies and tv series. This is because historically France has a great cinema culture. Also, France has tons of amazing sci-fi literature and graphic novels. And, there were amazing sci-fi movies created such as The Fifth Element by Luc Besson or Delicatessen by  Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and Marc Caro. 

Another amazing French sci-fi movie is Immortal 2004 (aka  Immortel ad vitam), directed by Enki Bilal after his own comics that I highly recommend. A post-apocalyptic setup, living Egyptian gods, and bio-genetics are only a few of the elements that create a unique hypnotic mysterious sci-fi masterpiece. Keep in mind that this is not a Hollywood commercial production, but a genuine sci-fi vision of one of the greatest French sci-fi masterminds.

05Gandahar1988Sci-Fi Moviesmystery
04Arthur and the Minimoys2006Fantasy Movies
05Renaissance2006Sci-Fi Moviesaction
06Who Can Kill a Child1976Sci-Fi Movieshorror
06The City of Lost Children1995Fantasy Moviessteampunk
10The Fifth Element1997Sci-Fi Moviesaliens, cyberpunk, space
06Belphegor: Phantom Of The Louvre2001Sci-Fi Moviesaction
05Bloody Mallory2002Sci-Fi Moviesaction, vampires
08Immortal (Ad Vitam)2004Sci-Fi Moviescyberpunk, futuristic, underrated
05Angel-A2005Fantasy Moviesromance
04Them2006Sci-Fi Movieshorror
03Chrysalis2007Sci-Fi Moviesaction, cyberpunk
04Eden Log2007Sci-Fi Moviescyberpunk, mystery, space
05Dante 012008Sci-Fi Moviesmystery
05The Broken2008Fantasy Moviesdrama, horror
06Sodium Babies2009Fantasy Movieshorror, vampires
06The Horde2009Sci-Fi Movieshorror, post-apocalyptic, zombies
05Djinns (Stranded)2010Sci-Fi Movieshorror, military, war horror
06The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec2010Fantasy Movies
04The Pack2010Sci-Fi Movieshorror
05Beauty and the Beast2014Fantasy Movies
02Evolution2015Sci-Fi Movieshorror, mystery
04A Mermaid in Paris2020Fantasy Movies
03The Secret Garden2020Fantasy Movies
04Oxygen2021Sci-Fi Moviesmystery
06Bigbug2022Sci-Fi Moviesartificial intelligence, comedy, robots/nanotech
05Incredible but True2022Fantasy Moviescomedy, mystery
05The Returned2015Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery
08Black Spot (Zone Blanche)2017Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, mystery
08Delicatessen1991Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, horror, post-apocalyptic
06Infiniti2022Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery, space
04Osmosis2019Sci-Fi TV Showsdystopian, romance
04Ad Vitam2018Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery
05Trepalium2016Sci-Fi TV Showsdystopian
04Mortel2019Fantasy TV Showsya