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Kung Fu Hustle


Kung Fu Hustle “one of best fantasy comedies of all time”

Directed by Stephen Chow

Many Chinese sci-fi movies and tv series tend to illustrate similar themes as other Asian, European, or American productions. On the other hand, Chinese fantasy movies are unique. Many times they are blending fantastical and local mythology elements, that you rarely see in other productions. Then, there are martial arts. Lots of martial arts. It is quite common to have beautifully choreographed fighting scenes, almost like a dance. Most of the time there is also a flavor of superpowers and surrealism. And finally, humor and comedy as essential ingredients.

In this context, Kong Fu Hustle is just perfect. It is fun, crazy fun, and amazingly wild. Probably one of the best comedies out there in the world. I will easily rank it among the top 5 comedies I have seen in my life. One of the best sci-fi & fantastical Chinese movie ever done.

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