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Into the Night


Into the Night “in flight sci-fi apocalypse”

By Jason George

There are not many Belgian science fiction tv series out there. Yet, Into the Night tv show broke the barrier and become a worldwide hit. This was helped also by Netflix distribution. The story is exciting and I was totally locked for the first 3-4 episodes. I always had a weakness for sci-fi thrillers happening during plane flights. The apocalyptic and mysterious setup, and the continuous tension, create a captivating atmosphere. The characters are well defined and the storyline is intriguing. The passengers and the crew find themselves on the run, in a global apocalyptic situation. They are continuously at risk and their chances of survival seem to be slim. This remembered me a bit of the first episode from Battlestar Galactica (“33” seconds, where I experienced a similar survival tension and rush). The first half of the Belgian sci-fi series was amazing. Then, in the second half, it slows down and becomes more predictable. However, I found the show exciting and well done. 

06Into the Night2020Sci-Fi TV Showsapocalypse, mystery
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