Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time

Best science-fiction books list.

09Revelation Space2000Alastair Reynoldsaliens, horror, space
09Starfish2000Peter Watts cyberpunk, horror, underwater
09Fallen Dragon2001Peter F. Hamiltonmilitary, space
04Soldier of the Legion2001Marshall S Thomasmilitary, space
05Gridlinked2001Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
09Altered Carbon2002Richard Morganaction, mystery, space
05Hominids2002Robert J. Sawyerparallel universe
07Prey2002Michael Crichtonhorror, mystery, robots/nanotech
08Metro 20332002Dmitry Glukhovskydystopian, horror, post-apocalyptic
08The Skinner2002Neal Ashercyberpunk, horror, space
05Ilium2003Dan Simmonsmystery, space
08Oryx and Crake2003Margaret Atwooddystopian, post-apocalyptic
08Pattern Recognition2003William Gibsoncyberpunk, mystery
06Shards of Honour2003Lois McMaster Bujoldmilitary, romance, space
05The Time Traveler’s Wife2003Audrey Niffeneggerromance, time travel
06The Line of Polity2003Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
10Pandora’s Star2004Peter F. Hamiltonaliens, space
07The Algebraist2004Iain Banksspace
05The Taking2004Dean Koontzaliens, horror, mystery
06Accelerando2005Charles Strossartificial intelligence, space
06Never Let Me Go2005Kazuo Ishigurodystopian, mystery
10Old Man’s War2005John Scalzialiens, military, space
07Spin2005Robert Charles Wilsonaliens, dystopian, time travel
07Brass Man2005Neal Ashercyberpunk, space
08Dauntless2006Jack Campbellmilitary, space
05Empire2006Orson Scott Cardmilitary, parallel universe
06The Road2006Cormac McCarthypost-apocalyptic
06The Sky People2006S. M. Stirlingaliens, parallel universe
08World War Z2006Max Brookshorror, post-apocalyptic, zombies
08The Android’s Dream2006John Scalzialiens, comedy, space
06Prador Moon2006Neal Asheraliens, military, space
07Polity Agent2006Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
07The Voyage of the Sable Keech2006Neal Asherspace
05Brasyl2007Ian McDonaldcyberpunk, dystopian
04Stealing Light2007Gary Gibsonaliens, space
06The Dreaming Void2007Peter F. Hamiltonaliens, space
04Thirteen2007Richard Morgancyberpunk, mystery
04Hilldiggers2007Neal Ashercyberpunk, space
05Anathem2008Neal Stephensonparallel universe
07Mass Effect: Ascension2008Drew Karpyshynspace
07The Hunger Games2008Suzanne Collinsdystopian, futuristic, ya
08142008Peter Clineshorror, mystery
08Empire in Black and Gold2008Adrian Tchaikovskysteampunk
10House of Suns2008Alastair Reynoldsmystery, space
07The Automatic Detective2008A. Lee Martinezcomedy, mystery, robots/nanotech
10Three Body Problem2008Liu Cixinaliens, mystery, space
05Shadow of the Scorpion2008Neal Asheraliens, military, space
07Line War2008Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
07The Gabble And Other Stories2008Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
09Hunter’s Run2009George R.R. Martin, Gardner Dozois, Daniel Abrahamaction, aliens, space
06The Windup Girl2009Paolo Bacigalupicyberpunk, dystopian, steampunk
06The Breach2009Patrick Leemystery, time travel
07Orbus2009Neal Asherartificial intelligence, space
05Blackout2010Connie Willistime travel
04Lightborn2010Tricia Sullivanartificial intelligence
06Ship Breaker2010Paolo Bacidystopian, post-apocalyptic, ya
06The City and the City2010China Mievillemystery
05Zoo City2010Lauren Beukes dystopian, mystery
05Half Way Home2010Hugh Howeydystopian, ya
07Hull Zero Three2010Greg Bearhorror, mystery, space
05Swarm2010B.V. Larsonaliens, military, space
07The Technician2010Neal Asheraliens, artificial intelligence, space
07BioShock: Rapture2011John Shirleydystopian, horror, steampunk
08Dead Space: Martyr2011Brian Evensonhorror, space
04Deus Ex: Icarus Effect2011James Swallowcyberpunk, dystopian
08Lightspeed: Year One2011Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, George R. R. Martin, Robert Silverbergfuturistic, space
08Reamde2011Neal Stephensoncyberpunk, mystery
08The Departure2011Neal Ashercyberpunk, dystopian, space
06Embassytown2011China Mievillealiens
10Leviathan Wakes2011James S. A. Coreyhorror, mystery, space
05The Recollection2011Gareth Powellspace, time travel
09Wool2011Hugh Howeymystery, post-apocalyptic
07Dead Space: Catalyst2012horror, space
08Dark Eden2012Chris Beckettaliens, dystopian, mystery
08Redshirts2012John Scalzicomedy, space, time travel
05The Undead Day One2012R.R. Haywoodhorror, post-apocalyptic, zombies
09Ancillary Justice2013Ann Leckieartificial intelligence, space
07Beyond the Rift2013Peter Watts cyberpunk, horror, post-apocalyptic
08Steelheart2013Brandon Sandersondystopian, superpowers / superhero, ya
07Steel World (Undying Mercenaries)2013B.V. Larsonaliens, military, space
08Vicious2013V. E. Schwabsupernatural, superpowers / superhero, ya
08Alien: Out of the Shadows2014action, aliens, horror
08Alien: River of Pain2014action, aliens, horror
08Alien: Sea of Sorrows2014action, aliens, horror
05Fear the Sky2014Stephen Mossalien invasion, aliens, military
07Fluency (Confluence Book 1)2014Jennifer Foehner Wellsaliens, space
06Red Rising2014Pierce Browndystopian, space, ya
06Station Eleven2014Emily St. John Mandeldrama, post-apocalyptic
07The Abyss Beyond Dreams2014Peter F. Hamiltonaliens, space
05The Burning Dark2014Adam Christopheraliens, military, space
05The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet2014Becky Chambersspace
09The Peripheral2014William Gibsoncyberpunk, mystery
07The Rage War 1: Predator: Incursion (audiobook)2015action, aliens, horror
02Armada2015Ernest Clinealiens, LitRPG, space
09Children of Time2015Adrian Tchaikovskypost-apocalyptic, space
06Dark orbit2015Carolyn Ives Gilmanaliens, mystery, space
08Guns of the Dawn2015Adrian Tchaikovskymilitary, steampunk
06Illuminae2015Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoffdystopian, space
05Lightless2015C. A. Higginsmystery, space
08Battle Cruiser2015B. V. Larsonmilitary, space
06Not Alone2015Craig A. Falconeraliens, conspiracy, mystery
04Outland2015Dennis E. Taylorpost-apocalyptic
05Seveneves2015Neal Stephensondystopian, post-apocalyptic, space
07Dark Intelligence2015Neal Asheraliens, artificial intelligence, space
07The Rage War 2: Alien: Invasion (audiobook)2016action, aliens, horror
07The Rage War 3: Alien vs. Predator: Armageddon (audiobook)2016action, aliens, horror
07Columbus Day2016Craig Alansonaliens, military, space
07Dark Matter2016Blake Crouchmystery, parallel universe
04Hell Divers2016Nicholas Sansbury Smithdystopian, horror, post-apocalyptic
03Mech 1: The Parent2016B. V. Larsonmilitary, space
05Rebel Fleet2016B.V. Larsonaliens, military, space
04Renegade2016Joel Shepherdmilitary, space
07Sleeping Giants2016Sylvain Neuvelaliens, mystery
03Star Shroud2016Ken Lozitoaliens, space
06The One2016John Marrsbio-genetics, mystery, romance
10We Are Legion (We Are Bob)2016Dennis E. Tayloraction, comedy, space
07War Factory2016Neal Asheraliens, cyberpunk, space
05Alien: Covenant – Origins2017action, aliens, horror
09All Systems Red2017Martha Wellsrobots/nanotech, space
04Artemis2017Andy Weirspace
08Dogs of War2017Adrian Tchaikovskycyberpunk, dystopian, military
05Legionnaire2017Jason Anspach, Nick Colemilitary, space
06Hell’s Rejects2017M.R. Forbesaliens, military, space
05Paradox Bound: A Novel2017Peter Clinesmystery, time travel
06Rogue Starship2017David Alastair Haydenaliens, artificial intelligence, space
03Pandemic2017A.G. Riddlemystery, post-apocalyptic
08The Collapsing Empire2017John Scalzispace
09The Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red2017Martha Wellsrobots/nanotech, space
05Will Save the Galaxy for Food2017Yahtzee Croshawaction, comedy, space
07Infinity Engine2017Neal Asheraliens, artificial intelligence, space
05Alien: The Cold Forge2018action, aliens, horror
08Embers of War2018Gareth L. Powellartificial intelligence, space
04Planetside2018Michael Mammayaliens, military, space
08Skyward2018Brandon Sandersondystopian, space, ya
06The Singularity Trap2018Dennis E. Tayloraliens, space
07Thin Air2018Richard Morgancyberpunk, mystery
06Winter World2018A.G. Riddlealiens, apocalypse, post-apocalyptic
07The Soldier2018Neal Asheraliens, military, space
05Alien: Isolation2019action, aliens, horror
08Cage of Souls2019Adrian Tchaikovskydystopian, post-apocalyptic
07Invasion2019M. R. Forbesalien invasion, aliens, military
08The Institute2019Stephen Kinghorror, mystery, superpowers / superhero
06The Siberian Incident2019Greig Beckaliens, horror, snow and ice
07The Warship2019Neal Ashermilitary, space
05Aliens: Phalanx2020action, aliens, horror
07To Sleep in a Sea of Stars2020Christopher Paolinialiens, space
07Black Sheep: A Space Opera Adventure2020Rachel Aukesmystery, space
05The Worldship Humility2020R. R. Haywoodspace
07The Human2020Neal Asheraliens, military, space
07Lockdown Tales2020Neal Asherspace
06Artifact Space2021Miles Cameronaliens, military, space
07Gun Runner2021John Brown and Larry Correiaaction, space
09Project Hail Mary2021Andy Weirmystery, space
09Shards of Earth: The Final Architecture, Book 12021Adrian Tchaikovskyaliens, space
07Jack Four2021Neal Asheraliens, military, space
06Dead Silence2022S.A. Barneshorror, mystery, space
09Eversion2022Alastair Reynoldsmystery, space
08Impact Winter2022Travis Beachampost-apocalyptic, snow and ice, vampires
07The Big Dark Sky2022Dean Koontzaliens, horror, mystery
07Weaponized2022Neal Asheraliens, military, space