Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time

Best science-fiction books list.

09Journey to the Center of the Earth1864Jules Verne
0820,000 Leagues Under the Sea1870Jules Verneaction, monster
06Flatland1884Edwin A. Abbottfuturistic
07Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1886Robert Louis Stevensonhorror, mystery
08The Time Machine1895H. G. Wellstime travel
07The Island of Doctor Moreau1896H. G. Wellsbio-genetics, horror
06The Invisible Man1897H. G. Wellshorror
09The War of the Worlds1898H. G. Wellsalien invasion, aliens
05A Princess of Mars1912Edgar Rice Burroughsaction
05We1924Yevgeny Zamiatindystopian
06The Trial1925Franz Kafkadystopian
05The Skylark of Space1928E. E. Doc Smithspace
08Brave New World1932Aldous Huxleydystopian
05The Shape of Things to Come1933H. G. Wellsdystopian
09Star Maker1937Olaf Stapledonaliens, space
05Anthem1938Ayn Randdystopian
08Out of the Silent Planet1938C. S. Lewisaliens, space
05Slan1940A. E. van Vogtdystopian, space, superpowers / superhero
05The World of Null-A1948A. E. van Vogtaliens, space
04Space Cadet1948Robert A. Heinleinmilitary, space
06Earth Abides1949George R. Stewartpost-apocalyptic
10Nineteen Eighty-Four1949George Orwelldystopian, futuristic
09I, Robot1950Isaac Asimovmystery, robots/nanotech
04Masters of Time1950A. E. van Vogtmilitary
05The Dying Earth1950Jack Vancepost-apocalyptic
08The Martian Chronicles1950Ray Bradburyspace
06The Voyage of the Space Beagle1950A. E. van Vogtspace
09Foundation1951Isaac Asimovspace
06The Day of the Triffids1951John Wyndhampost-apocalyptic
09The Illustrated Man1951Ray Bradburyaliens, horror, space
07The Puppet Masters1951Robert A. Heinleinalien invasion, aliens, horror
07The Stars, Like Dust1951Isaac Asimovspace
05The Weapon Shops of Isher1951A. E. van Vogtspace
09City1952Clifford Simakdystopian, robots/nanotech
08Player Piano1952Kurt Vonnegutcomedy, dystopian
05Mission of Gravity1953Hal Clementaliens, space
06More Than Human1953Theodore Sturgeonsuperpowers / superhero
09The Caves of Steel1953Isaac Asimovmystery, robots/nanotech
08The Demolished Man1953Alfred Bestermystery
08The Space Merchants1953Frederik Pohl, C.M. Kornbluthdystopian, space
10Childhood’s End1954Arthur C. Clarkealiens, apocalypse, dystopian
10Fahrenheit 4511954Ray Bradburydystopian, futuristic
10I Am Legend1954Richard Mathesonpost-apocalyptic, vampires
08The Chrysalids1955John Wyndhamdystopian, post-apocalyptic
08The End Of Eternity1955Isaac Asimovtime travel
07The City and the Stars1956Arthur C. Clarkedystopian, mystery
05The Door Into Summer1956Robert A. Heinleintime travel
10The Stars My Destination1956Alfred Besteraction, space
07They Shall Have Stars1956James Blishspace
05Andromeda1957Ivan Efremovspace
08Citizen Of the Galaxy1957Robert A. Heinleinspace
05Empire of the Atom1957A. E. van Vogtpost-apocalyptic, space
06On the Beach1957Neville Shuteapocalypse, post-apocalyptic
06The Midwich Cuckoos1957John Wyndhamhorror, mystery
07Have Space-Suit – Will Travel1958Robert A. Heinleinaction, space, ya
08Non-Stop1958Brian Aldissmystery, space
05The Time Traders1958Andre Nortonaliens, time travel
06A Canticle for Leibowitz1959Walter M. Millerpost-apocalyptic
06Alas, Babylon1959Pat Frankapocalypse
10Starship Troopers1959Robert A. Heinleinaliens, military, space
09The Sirens of Titan1959Kurt Vonnegutcomedy, space
05The War Against the Rull1959A. E. van Vogtspace
06Time Out Of Joint1959Philip K. Dickdystopian, time travel
08Dorsai1960Gordon Dicksonmilitary, space
08The High Crusade1960Poul Andersonaliens, comedy, space
05A Fall of Moondust1961Arthur C. Clarkespace
07Solaris1961Stanislaw Lemdrama, space
07Stranger in a Strange Land1961Robert A. Heinlein
06The Stainless Steel Rat1961Harry Harrisoncomedy, mystery, space
06A Clockwork Orange1962Anthony Burgesscomedy, dystopian
06A Wrinkle In Time1962Madeleine L Englespace, time travel
06After Doomsday1962Poul Andersonpost-apocalyptic, space
07Hothouse1962Brian Aldissaction, dystopian, post-apocalyptic
05The Drowned World1962J. G. Ballardapocalypse, dystopian, post-apocalyptic
08The Man in the High Castle1962Philip K. Dickmystery, parallel universe
08Cat’s Cradle1963Kurt Vonnegutcomedy, drama, dystopian
06Planet of the Apes1963Pierre Boulledystopian
09Way Station1963Clifford Simakaliens
07Martian Time Slip1964Philip K. Dickdystopian, space, time travel
09The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch1964Philip K. Dickdystopian
10Dune1965Frank Herbertaction, space
05Space Opera1965Jack Vancealiens, mystery
08The Cyberiad1965Stanislaw Lem
08This Immortal1965Roger Zelaznyaliens, post-apocalyptic
06Babel-171966Samuel R. Delanyspace
05Destination: Void1966Frank Herbertartificial intelligence, space
07Flowers for Algernon1966Daniel Keyesdrama
05Planet of Exile1966Ursula K. Le Guin
09The Moon is a Harsh Mistress1966Robert A. Heinleinspace
06The World of Ptavvs1966Larry Nivenaliens, space
06An Age1967Brian Aldissdystopian, time travel
08City of Illusions1967Ursula K. Le Guinmystery
05Dangerous Visions1967Harlan Ellisonfuturistic
08Lord of Light1967Roger Zelaznymystery
07The Past Through Tomorrow1967Robert A. Heinlein
07The White Mountains1967John Christopheraliens, dystopian, post-apocalyptic
05The Zap Gun1967Philip K. Dick
082001: A Space Odyssey1968Arthur C. Clarkemystery, space
08City of the Chasch1968Jack Vancealiens, space
10Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?1968Philip K. Dickcyberpunk, dystopian, post-apocalyptic
06Dragonflight1968Anne McCaffreytime travel, ya
06Escape to Witch Mountain1968Alexander Keysuperpowers / superhero, ya
04Into the Slave Nebula1968John Brunnerrobots/nanotech, space
07Neutron Star1968Larry Nivenspace
07Nova1968Samuel R. Delanyspace
05Stand on Zanzibar1968John Brunnercyberpunk, dystopian
05Barefoot in the Head1969Brian Aldisspost-apocalyptic
06Creatures of Light and Darkness1969Roger Zelaznymystery
05Isle of the Dead1969Roger Zelaznyaliens, space
04Macroscope1969Piers Anthonytime travel
08Slaughterhouse Five1969Kurt Vonneguttime travel
06The Andromeda Strain1969Michael Crichtonhorror, mystery
08The Left Hand of Darkness1969Ursula K. Le Guinaliens
06The Ship Who Sang1969Anne McCaffreyromance, space, ya
08Ubik1969Philip K. Dickmystery
05A Maze of Death1970Philip K. Dickdrama, mystery
06Children of Tomorrow1970A. E. van Vogtaliens, space
07Ringworld1970Larry Nivenspace
05Tau Zero1970Poul Andersonspace, time travel
08This Perfect Day1970Ira Levindystopian, horror, post-apocalyptic
05Time and Again1970Jack Finneyromance, time travel
06The Anome (aka The Faceless Man)1971Jack Vancemystery
07The Lathe of Heaven1971Ursula K. Le Guindystopian, superpowers / superhero
07The Star Diaries: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy1971Stanislaw Lemcomedy
08To Your Scattered Bodies Go1971Philip Jose Farmermystery
05Dying Inside1972Robert Silverbergdrama, superpowers / superhero
09Roadside Picnic1972Arkady, Boris Strugatskydystopian, mystery
08The Gods Themselves1972Isaac Asimovaliens, space
06The Sheep Look Up1972John Brunnerdystopian, horror, post-apocalyptic
09The Stepford Wives1972Ira Levindystopian, mystery
07The Doomed City1972Boris Strugatsky, Arkady Strugatskydystopian
04The Word for World is Forest1972Ursula K. Le Guinaliens, space
08Protector1973Larry Nivenaliens, space
10Rendezvous With Rama1973Arthur C. Clarkespace
04Time Enough For Love1973Robert A. Heinleintime travel
08To Die in Italbar1973Roger Zelaznyspace
10The Dispossessed1974Ursula K. Le Guindystopian
10The Forever War1974Joe Haldemanaliens, military, space
06Inverted World1974Christopher Priestdystopian, post-apocalyptic
06Deathbird Stories1975Harlan Ellisonhorror
05Dhalgren1975Samuel R. Delanymystery, post-apocalyptic
04The Centauri Device1975M. John Harrisoncyberpunk, space
08The Mote in God’s Eye1975Niven, Pournellealiens, space
07The Rediscovery of Man1975Cordwainer Smithspace
06The Shockwave Rider1975John Brunnercyberpunk, dystopian
06A Billion Days of Earth1976Doris Piserchiasuperpowers / superhero
06Imperial Earth1976Arthur C. Clarkespace
05Man Plus1976Frederik Pohlbio-genetics, space
06The Florians1976Brian Stablefordspace
06A Scanner Darkly1977Philip K. Dickdystopian
06Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon1977Spider Robinsonaliens, comedy, time travel
09Gateway1977Frederik Pohlspace
06Inherit the Stars1977James P. Hoganmystery, space
08Lucifer’s Hammer1977Niven, Pournelleapocalypse, dystopian, post-apocalyptic
08Midnight At the Well Of Souls1977Jack L. Chalkeraction, aliens, space
05Supermind1977A. E. van Vogtspace
06Dying of the Light1977George R. R. Martinspace
07Kesrith1978C. J. Cherryhaliens, mystery, space
09The Eye of the Heron1978Ursula K. Le Guindystopian, ya
09The Stand1978Stephen Kinghorror, post-apocalyptic, supernatural
08Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy1979Douglas Adamscomedy, space
08Roadmarks1979Roger Zelaznyparallel universe, time travel
06The Fountains of Paradise1979Arthur C. Clarkespace
06Titan1979John Varleyaliens, space
06Treason1979Orson Scott Carddystopian, mystery, space
05Congo1980Michael Crichtonaction
07Dragon’s Egg1980Robert L. Forwardaliens, space
08Sundiver1980David Brinaliens, mystery, space
06The Snow Queen1980Joan D Vingespace
04Timescape1980Gregory Benfordtime travel
05Downbelow Station1981C. J. Cherryhaliens, space
05Dream Park1981Larry Niven, Steven Barnesmystery
05Galactic Effectuator1981Jack Vanceaction, space
08The Many-Colored Land1981Julian Maytime travel
04Valis1981Philip K. Dick
05Battlefield Earth1982L. Ron Hubbardaliens, post-apocalyptic, space
03Friday1982Robert A. Heinlein
05Helliconia Spring1982Brian Aldissspace
06Deadeye Dick1982Kurt Vonnegut comedy, drama, horror
07Robots of Dawn1983Isaac Asimovmystery, robots/nanotech
05The Anubis Gates1983Tim Powerssteampunk, time travel
06Armor1984John Steakleyaliens, military
09Neuromancer1984William Gibsoncyberpunk
06The Peace War1984Vernor Vingedystopian, post-apocalyptic, time travel
05Blood Music1985Greg Bearartificial intelligence, bio-genetics, robots/nanotech
08Contact1985Carl Saganaliens, space
09Ender’s Game1985Orson Scott Cardmilitary, mystery, space
05Eon1985Greg Bearspace, time travel
03The Hammer of Darkness1985L. E. Modesittspace, superpowers / superhero
08The Handmaid’s Tale1985Margaret Atwooddystopian
05The Invaders Plan1985L. Ron Hubbardspace
06The Postman1985David Brinpost-apocalyptic
08Burning Chrome1986William Gibsoncyberpunk, dystopian
06Firebird1986Kathy Tyersspace
05Highway of Eternity1986Clifford Simakaliens, mystery, time travel
05Awakeners1987Sheri S. Teppermystery
08Consider Phlebas1987Iain M. Banksspace
08Dawn: Xenogenesis I1987Octavia Butleraliens, mystery, post-apocalyptic
08Replay1987Ken Grimwoodtime loop, time travel
07Sphere1987Michael Crichtonhorror, mystery, underwater
07The Forge of God1987Greg Bearaliens, apocalypse, post-apocalyptic
08The Legacy of Herot1987Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Steven Barnesaliens, horror, space
06Swan Song1987Robert R. McCammonmystery, post-apocalyptic
07The Legacy of Heorot1987Steven Barnes, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Nivenhorror, space
05Watchers1987Dean Koontzhorror, mystery
06Cyteen1988C. J. Cherryhbio-genetics, mystery, space
09Neverness1988David Zindellspace
08Lightning1988Dean Koontzhorror, mystery, time travel
07Outpassage1988Chris Morris, Janet Morrismystery, space
07Grass1989Sheri S. Tepperaliens, space
10Hyperion1989Dan Simmonsgrimdark, mystery, space
09Carrion comfort1989Dan Simmonshorror, supernatural, vampires
05Earth1990David Brinapocalypse, drama
06Gap Into Conflict: The Real Story1990Stephen Donaldsonaliens, grimdark, space
05Jurassic Park1990Michael Crichtonbio-genetics, horror
06The Difference Engine1990Gibson, Sterlingcyberpunk, parallel universe, steampunk
08Use of Weapons1990Iain Banksspace
08A Fire Upon the Deep1991Vernor Vingealiens, space
05Anno Dracula1992Kim Newmanvampires
06Doomsday Book1992Connie Willistime travel
05Guns of the South1992Harry Turtledoveparallel universe, time travel
05Mars1992Ben Bovaspace
06Outlander1992Diana Gabaldonromance, time travel
07Quarantine1992Greg Egancyberpunk, mystery
05Red Mars1992Kim Stanley Robinsonspace
09Snow Crash1992Neal Stephensoncyberpunk, dystopian
06The Memory of Earth1992Orson Scott Cardfuturistic, mystery
06Beggars in Spain1993Nancy Kressdystopian
04Fossil1993Hal Clementaliens, mystery
08On Basilisk Station1993David Webermilitary, space
07Parable of the Sower1993Octavia Butlerdystopian, post-apocalyptic
06The Giver1993Lois Lowrydystopian, ya
07Virtual Light1993William Gibsoncyberpunk, dystopian
05Mindstar Rising1993Peter F. Hamiltoncyberpunk, mystery, space
08Engines of God1994Jack McDevittaliens, mystery, space
08Feersum Endjinn1994Iain M. Bankscyberpunk, mystery, space
06Lovelock1994Orson Scott Card, Kathryn H. Kiddspace
06Permutation City1994Greg Eganartificial intelligence, cyberpunk
05Distress1995Greg Egancyberpunk
09The Diamond Age1995Neal Stephensoncyberpunk, dystopian, robots/nanotech
08The Engines of God1995Jack McDevittaliens, mystery, space
07The Time Ships1995Stephen Baxtersteampunk, time travel
09The Reality Dysfunction1996Peter F. Hamiltonaliens, horror, space
08The Sparrow1996Mary Doria Russellaliens
04Voyage1996Stephen Baxterparallel universe, space
03Fear Nothing1997Dean Koontzhorror, mystery
07City of Golden Shadow1998Tad Williamscyberpunk
05Eternity Road1998Jack McDevittdystopian, post-apocalyptic
08Semper Mars1998Ian Douglasmilitary, space
07The Engineer Reconditioned1998Neal Ashercyberpunk, space
08Cryptonomicon1999Neal Stephensonconspiracy, cyberpunk, mystery
05Darwin’s Radio1999Greg Bearbio-genetics, mystery
07Expendable1999James Alan Gardneraction, aliens, space
07Timeline1999Michael Crichtontime travel