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All of Us Are Dead


All of Us Are Dead is “among the most intense and captivating Zombie tv shows ever made”

In the last decade, South Korea has transformed into a global sci-fi movie production powerhouse. Every year, there are lots of beautifully executed South Korean sci-fi shows. Among these, it is worth mentioning the space horror drama Silent Sea or the monster survival tv series Sweet Home.

Then, South Korea created some of the best zombie movies and tv series. In the infamous Train to Busan movie, the director Yeon Sang-ho masterfully illustrates a large-scale zombie apocalypse. Then, the Kingdom tv series creatively bring zombies into ancient South Korean history.

The action in the All of Us Are Dead sci-fi tv series happens in a remote South Korean high school. Here a group of students struggles to survive a violent zombie outbreak. The action and the execution are top-notch. Highly recommended as one of the best zombie sci-fi tv shoes out there.

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01Yonggary1999Sci-Fi Moviesaction, monster
052009: Lost Memories2003Sci-Fi Moviesmystery, time travel
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07Save The Green Planet2003Sci-Fi Moviesaction, comedy
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10Snowpiercer2013Sci-Fi Moviesdystopian, post-apocalyptic, snow and ice
03The Wailing2016Sci-Fi Movieshorror
08Train to Busan2016Sci-Fi Movieshorror, zombies
06Illang: The Wolf Brigade2018Sci-Fi Moviesaction, cyberpunk
08The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion2018Sci-Fi Moviessuperpowers / superhero
04Peninsula2020Sci-Fi Movieshorror, zombies
07Space Sweepers2021Sci-Fi Moviesaction, space
07The Witch: Part 2. The Other One2022Sci-Fi Moviessuperpowers / superhero
09Sweet Home2020Sci-Fi TV Showsapocalypse, monster, underrated
05Hellbound2021Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, mystery
09All of Us Are Dead2022Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, zombies
04Grid2022Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery, superpowers / superhero
04Monstrous2022Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, supernatural
05Alive2020Sci-Fi Movieshorror, zombies
06Circle: Two Worlds Connected2017Sci-Fi TV Showsdystopian
05Duel2017Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery
05I’m Not A Robot2017Sci-Fi TV Showsromance
05Joseon X-Files2010Fantasy TV Showssupernatural
07Kingdom2019Sci-Fi TV Showshorror, zombies
04Memories of the Alhambra2019Sci-Fi TV Showscyberpunk, romance
04My Holo Love2020Sci-Fi TV Showsromance
05Nine: 9 Times Time Travel2013Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery, romance
05SF82020Sci-Fi TV Showsartificial intelligence, cyberpunk, dystopian
04Signal2016Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery
08Silent Sea2021Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery, space
05Sisyphus: The Myth2021Sci-Fi TV Showsmystery, time travel
09Squid Game2021Sci-Fi TV Showsdystopian, horror, mystery
06Strangers From Hell (Hell Is Other People)2019Fantasy TV Showshorror, supernatural
04The King: Eternal Monarch2020Fantasy TV Showsromance, supernatural
04The Uncanny Counter2020Fantasy TV Showssupernatural
05W: Two Worlds2016Sci-Fi TV Showsparallel universe, romance
05Okja2017Sci-Fi Moviescomedy, drama
05Seoul Station2016Sci-Fi Movieshorror, zombies
04Alienoid2022Sci-Fi Moviesaliens, time travel
05The Call2020Sci-Fi Moviesmystery
07Seobok2021Sci-Fi Moviesaction
05Dr. Brain2021Sci-Fi TV Showsdrama, overrated
06Dark Hole2021Sci-Fi TV Showshorror